Notepad ++ For Linux

Notepad ++ is one of the most famous and popular online text editor which is being used for windows since a long time but now today we are going to tell about notepad ++ for Linux. Are you also one who is having Linux system but we all know that Notepad for Linux is not available on the system of Linux but you should not worry as we will be going to provide you the best alternatives for Notepad ++ which are almost similar to it for the Linux users.

Notepad++ Linux

There are a lot of editors which you can use as text alternative for Notepad ++ , we all want some few things in a normal text editor which are like as of syntax highlighting, appealing, lightweight, appealing GUI, regex search, multi-language, auto-completion, macros etc and all these features are also provided by these alternatives of Linux Notepad ++ so , now let us have a look at these alternatives.

Best alternatives of Notepad ++ for Linux

As we know that Notepad ++ is an open source online editor but here in this list all alternatives are not open source but are considered as the best alternative for editing in Linux.

Install Notepad++ Linux

1 . Notepadqq

In this list of alternatives the first and most used alternative of Notepad ++ for lunch users is Notepadqq. This is considered as the best alternative because Notepadqq is just like a clone of Notepad ++ you can say it is simply an exact replica in the term of looks and also with some exact or same features. The Notepadqq is an open source online editor as of the Notepad ++ and you are able to easily install the Notepadqq by using the official PPA of it in your Ubuntu or Linux Mint. For installing it your Linux just follow the below command :


Sudo add-apt-repository PPA:notepad-team/notepad

Sudo apt-get update

Sudo apt-get install notepad

2 . SciTE

SciTE is also an open source text editor with a cross-platform which is also having the various and large number of addons or plugins. Although the GUI do not seems much good as required for the next generation text editors like as of Atom but the features of it are quite good and user-friendly and this is reason that it is having its own fan following in the world of Linux. The Linux distributors are mostly having SciTE already included in their repository file and in the Ubuntu and Linux Mint you are able to install it by using the below provided command :

sudo apt-get install scite

3 . Geany

Now , the next term which comes in this list is Geany you should know that basically, Geany is not a text editor instead it is an IDE almost. Geany is also a product which is the free and open source and is almost available for all of the desktop platforms like as in Windows, OS X, BSD, Linux etc. Let us have a quick view over the features which are provided by Geany –

* Code folding

* Syntax highlighting

* It supports many filetypes like as of C , Java , Python, HTLM , PHP , Perl and much more.

* Construct completion

* Project management

* Code navigation

* Plugins

* Compile and execute all of your codes

* Auto closing of texts like XML and HTML.

As there is SciTE is available in most of Linux similarly Geany is also a default repository but in your Ubuntu and Linux Mint you are able to install this file by using the following command :

sudo apt-get install scite

4. Sublime Text

Sublime text is one of the editor from the list of non – open source and non – the free product which is used more widely and most popular among the Linux users in this world. Although, due to the opaque and slow development of sublime text still being the preferred online text editor for the programming users since long time. Features of sublime are extremely cooled, rich and have a lot of plugins which are the favorite among users from long time. The features of the sublime text are mentioned below have a look over it :

* Free mode from distraction

* Plugins

* Customization

* Go to anything

* Split editing

* Multiple selections

* Instant project switch

* Command Palatte

You can easily install the current version of sublime text 2 which is the stable version and can be installed by using unofficial PPA in the Linux Mint and Ubuntu follow the below command :

Sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webup8team/sublime-text-2

Sudo apt-get update

Sudo apt-get install sublime-text

5. Lime Text

Last but not least the online text editor in this list is Lime text as text name suggest it is also almost similar and related to the sublime text but the only difference is it is an open and free source editor and known as the clone of sublime text. Not only the looks the lime text is identical in features also to tell sublime text so if you wanted to get an open source of sublime text then it will be best choice for your Linux device.

So , these above are the 5 different and best alternatives of Notepad ++ for the Linux almost all of them are open source editors with best features and uses , if you love Notepad ++ on windows then you can simply use the Notepadqq on Linux which is almost identical and referred as the clone of Notepad ++.

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