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Notepad ++ is one of the most popular editing software if you like to use Notepad ++ or portable digital notepad then you will definitely be going to like a lot the portable Notepad ++ so , the Notepad ++ portable is simply a handy Notepad ++ which edit text and packed as an app which is portable so that you will be able to make proper development of your self. You will be going to get almost all of the features which are available in Notepad ++ and also supports the different languages with a system of an extensive plugin and it is very simple to install it.

If you are also going to use the Notepad ++ portable then you must know tat it will work best if combines with the platform of Portable, it is the best alternative which can be used instead of the default standard notepad present in Windows operating system. Programmers loved it a lot for using Notepad ++ portable and due to this portability feature it is not be needed to install Notepad ++ so you can place the Notepad ++ on any external device and can run on your computer directly. You can also save your current sessions automatically with help of the Notepad ++ portable it is a great software available for the windows users.

So, this is all that you needed to learn about the notepad ++ portable although we told you that the features of Notepad ++ portable are same as of Notepad ++ but still let us recall and highlight the features of Notepad ++ portable just have a look below :


1 . The notepad ++ is a text editor which has all of the basic features.

2 . Provides syntax highlighting and tell feature of syntax folding like C , C++ , CSS , HTML , java , ASP , Pascal and much more.

3 . Multi-document system

4 . Feature of auto-completion of text

5 . Zoom in and zoom out your content

6 . Availability of macro recording and playback

7 . Full support of drag and drop

8 . Highlighting of brace and guide indent guideline

9 . Regular support for the expressions like search or replace

10 . Syntax highlighting feature which is user defined


App details 

App name Notepad ++ portable
App size 18 MB
Source code Launcher , Notepad ++
System requirements Windows Vista / XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Liscence Free or open source ( GPL )
MD5 Hash 4b3bab57e755782da408ad3fad5c22d3
Date of update 02 January , 2018
Latest version 7.5.4
Publisher Portable and the Notepad ++ team

pad do not consume much space so you can use it with comfort and without any problem. You can also store this latest version of Notepad ++ portable even in the USB drives or memory. This is the best part of this as you can easily install it in portable devices and can use it separately. Now let us have a look over the Pros and Cons of Notepad ++ portable.


1. Clean installer: You will be able to install this program very easily and quickly so that you can get rid from the burden of myriad options which you will be needed to check or from the bunch of documents which are required to read during this procedure of install.


2. Highly functional: This Portable Notepad ++ program is very powerful in this field and packed in a stripped down program this program do not consume or rarely it use any resource of system and will provide users all of the essential functions which are necessary for editing.

3. Support of multi-document: With help of this feature you can store your multiple documents and open them in a single click at same time and they all will display in different tabbed interface.


1. Strange menu : The menu bar of Notepad ++ portable is quite strange as when you click for any item in the menu bar you see that it opens with a drop down list but it will appear offset which is unexpected and makes you confused in first glance but later you will come to know about its availability and use.


2. Bottom line : If you are wanting to switch in between of Notepad and wordpad by back and forth or wanted to use both of these programs on your regular basis then the Notepad ++ portable is the best option and will make your life much more easier so , this program is very clean , lean and is effective.

How to Download Notepad++ Portable to your Windows

So , this is all special and useful things which are needed to be known for downloading and installing. Now, after getting all of these details you are required to get the complete guide for download and install of Notepad ++ portable, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps and you will be able to easily get this with you and use it as a text editor :

Step – 1 : So , for downloading Notepad ++ portable you will be required to first of all go to the download site from where you will get to download link or we are also going to provide you the link by clicking on which you will be redirected to the site automatically

Step – 2 : After reaching site just simply click on the option of download which is present in green coloured box. After clicking on download you will see a pop up window at the top left side corner of screen in which you need to select the option of save file.

Step – 3 : As soon as you will click on save file option your download of Notepad ++ portable will begin , now wait till the downloading gets complete.

Step – 4 : After you see that download of file has completed go to the section of download and click on your downloaded file to open it.

Step – 5 : After opening you will see a dialogue box will appear on the screen with a welcome note , you simply needs to click on the option of next and then you will see another dialogue box with the terms and conditions of  Notepad ++ portable which are needed to be accepted , so after reading all terms and conditions click on the option of I agree.

Step – 6 : Now , you will be required to click on the next option several times till you see the option of install and after seeing click on the option of install and wait till the process of installation gets completed.

Step – 7 : After the installing gets a complete click on the option of finish and you are done, you have successfully installed the latest version of Notepad ++ Portable to your Windows device.

So , we have provided you the complete guide of installing the software by following the steps above mentioned steps you can easily download and install it you will not face any kind of problem but still if any problem occur then you can simply contact us we will be here for your help comment your problem below in the comment box.

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