Self starting a business – keep this in mind

Starting your own business – keep this in mind

Freedom, setting your own hours, working at a location where and when you want. Does this sound like you, then becoming self-employed’er is definitely something for you. As a freelancer you have your responsibilities, of course, but you also have freedom.

What should you take into account if you want to starting a business?

Looking for freedom and flexibility

Being self-employed (self-employed without personnel) is not everyone’s dream. Or is perhaps a dream, but not to be realized. Finally, the whole financial picture of being self-employed’s so uncertain that many opt for salaried work.

Yet more and more people in recent years have started to wonder if this is really it. Is your life what you expect it to be and do you see yourself working like this for years to come?. But also the possibilities of working from home or working on location have increased.

Do you ever think of changing

Do you see yourself sitting somewhere on location, working from a vacation home, abroad or just at home?. Laptop there and do your own thing. Organize your own hours. Is this something for you? If you want to start your own business, there are quite a few things you need to consider.

In addition to making a business plan and registering with the Chamber of Commerce, you will also need to think about various insurances.

Insurance if you want to become self-employed

It all seems very nice, no need to go to the office, but work where and when you want to. Make no mistake. Are you going to start your own business, then this also means that you are responsible. Not only for the end result, but also for accounting and insurance, including liability insurance for zzp’ers. Starting your own business is hard work and a lot of uncertainty.

You’ll want to have your insurance in order then. That includes liability insurance as well as disability insurance. Be aware of the different insurances and read up on them well.

Don’t forget your pension

In addition to liability insurance for zzp’ers, you should also not forget to think about later. Your pension. You are young and may not yet be thinking about this, although it is wise to do so. Maybe after the whole Covid period, you consciously choose a nomadic existence, want to go out more often, get out of the house and work in other locations.

Quite right, but make sure you think about later and about your pension and make the right arrangements for it.

Do you seek the nomadic life

Living like a nomad, working from a vacation home, on location or the office. Zzp’er from home or a part-time office, the possibility is great. Think in dreams and not in limitations, go do what you want to do write.

Look at the financial picture, think about the insurance you need as a zzp’er and register with the KVK. Do what is possible, but at least make sure you do what you want to do!