Make your own cabinet with the right materials

Make your own cabinet with the right materials

Make your own cabinet for the living room or bedroom. How nice is that! Is this something for you? It is not only the making that is satisfying but also the result, of course.

But which materials can you use to make your own cabinet?

Working with plywood

Furniture you can buy ready-made in the home improvement store, but you can also make it yourself. For example, a bookcase wall or a cabinet. Plywood panels are often used to make furniture.

The boards look beautiful and can be cut to any size and are also strong. Enough to support the weight of books.

Sheet material

Still, there are differences in the plates available. Plywood has only three layers of wood compared to plywood. Plywood has several glued layers and is therefore not only thicker but also stronger.

MDF has compressed glued wood fibers. Unlike other fiberboards, it has a neat appearance. Another big advantage is that the ends are easy to finish.

After all, hardboard is useful for a back wall. Ideal for making your own cabinet.

Furniture board

The word already indicates the application. Blockboard looks like plywood, but is different. It is a kind of sandwich. Two layers of wood are glued to one board. It provides a sturdy and durable board with the added advantage that this variant is also inexpensive in price.

It is therefore a widely used material for furniture.

Construction and working drawings

Numerous working drawings of furniture are available on the internet. From loft beds to a lounge sofa and from a bookcase to children’s furniture. These are basic models that you can also change individually. Advice is given on the type of sheet material and what else you need in terms of glue and screws.

Your tools are limited to a jigsaw and drill press. Rather not saw yourself? You can also have the store or DIY store do it for you.

There are even software drawing programs available for download such as Google SketchUp.

Make your own cabinet

Of course, making your own furniture is not for everyone. Do you already have trouble putting together an IKEA piece of furniture without damage and feel dizzy when reading the instructions?? Then don’t start because assembling it yourself is even more difficult and requires carpenter’s insight.

But if you can make a closet yourself, then these tips might be for you and you can let your living room reflect your own style from your own hands.