How is The Similar Ways To Notepad vs Notepad++?

A Notepad vs Notepad++ is a simple and easy tool of a text editor that comes with default windows. It is one of the tools that is most commonly used every individual to edit or write text files. Notepad supports all the languages and saves ant language text in the file with .txt extension. Whereas Notepad++ […]

What are The Some Best Features and Hacks in Notepad++?

Notepad++ is the advanced version of the traditional Notepad software which comes as a basic writing tool in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Notepad++ basically is suited to those professional people who want writing software, which can provide support to some of the advanced level program writing languages such as C++, Python, Java and so on. […]

Can I Convert a Notepad To Excel?

As we all use Notepad in our daily routine because it is considered to be the best text editor and very easy and simple to use. Convert a Notepad To Excel Many of you must be thinking that you edited your text with Notepad and now you want to covert the data into Excel. The […]

Pros and Cons of Using Notepad++ As IDE For Python?

As we all know about the usage of the Notepad++ how beneficial is this. But as we all commonly say that if something has good then definitely has bad also. Likewise, this only Notepad++ also has some Pro & Cons. Notepad++ considered to be the best text editor for the window users but not considered […]

What is Word Wrap? How Do You Set-up Word Wrap In Notepad?

Hello Friends! Some know and some are not aware of the Word Wrap. But today via this post we will help you gain more knowledge on some topics. Today we will discuss the Word Wrap and let you know how we can set up Word Wrap in Notepad. Word Wrap is the process of breaking […]

What are the Featured Type of Software is Notepad?

Notepad is a source code editor and text editor that is available to use with Microsoft Windows. It allows working with multiple open files in a single window by supporting tabbed editing, which. The name of its project comes from the C increment operator. Notepad is available as a free software. It was hosted on for its first project, from […]

Why is The Best Notepad Tricks and How To Do it?

Today we will provide you with the 5 coolest Notepad tricks that you can use. Read the full article to know those amazing tricks 1. Make Notepad your Personal Diary If you want a diary on your Laptop? Notepad can be your personal logbook with the simple steps. Everything you type can be saved with […]

How To Find Difference Between Notepad and WordPad

Notepad is the most basic editor where you can save any kind of text or data at any time. In notepad, you cannot find advanced features like you can find in WordPad. In WordPad, you can edit your text as per your choice. You can bold, colour or give any size according to your requirement. […]