Can I Convert a Notepad To Excel?

As we all use Notepad in our daily routine because it is considered to be the best text editor and very easy and simple to use.

Convert a Notepad To Excel

Many of you must be thinking that you edited your text with Notepad and now you want to covert the data into Excel. The question arises that how will you do that? Read given below article to know on this topic in detail.

  1. Select the content you want to covert in to excel with “ctrl+C”

2. Paste that content on your excel sheet.

3. Select the data on excel then “DATA >> Data Tools >> Text to Columns”. This way data from one column selected and split it into multiple columns.

4. In the First step choose Delimited that will split text separate each word. Then click Next.

5. As data is separated by commas, use Comma delimiter then you can see that the data is separated correctly. Click on next.

6. In the last step, you can choose which type of data the current column represents. Then you have two option to choose first, General and second one is Text.

If General is being chosen, the numbers will be treated as numbers and the rest will text.

If you choose text, all data will be treated as text. Click now finish.

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