Pros and Cons of Using Notepad++ As IDE For Python?

As we all know about the usage of the Notepad++ how beneficial is this. But as we all commonly say that if something has good then definitely has bad also. Likewise, this only Notepad++ also has some Pro & Cons.

Notepad++ considered to be the best text editor for the window users but not considered good for the MAC. Such as it has many more features which sometimes prove to be useful but sometimes not.

When we compare Notepad++ vs IDLE, then it is always recommendable that Notepad++ is best for most people. Now the question arises of “What are the best free IDEs for Python?”

Through this question only its answers will be in ratings as given below:

Notepad++ ranked 10th while IDLE be ranked 20th. The most important reason people chose Notepad++  as it has built-in support for highlighting for a wide selection of programming languages and different advanced features.

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