What is Word Wrap? How Do You Set-up Word Wrap In Notepad?

Hello Friends! Some know and some are not aware of the Word Wrap. But today via this post we will help you gain more knowledge on some topics. Today we will discuss the Word Wrap and let you know how we can set up Word Wrap in Notepad.

Word Wrap is the process of breaking the text of the section into lines to make them adjust according to the length and breadth of the page. It is also known as Line Breaking.

Set-up Word Wrap In Notepad
1. Click the Format and select Word Wrap.

2.  At the bottom of the Notepad window, a scrollbar will get disappear. A check option will appear to the Word Wrap option on the Format menu.

3. Word Wrap helps you to wraps the text in the text document so that it doesn’t scroll across the entire screen.

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