Notepad ++ for Windows (10/ 8/ 8.1/ 7/ XP) Download

Notepad ++ is basically a code editor which is available on online sources and widely used most popular software working since 2003 and now it is considered as the most trusted software for editing tool and writing codes on it. It is best replacement to the notepad of Microsoft as it is supporting various and different types of language for programming. In notepad ++ there is already built in windows text editor, it also supports the tabbed editing which helps it and allows it for working with the several and multiple open files only in one single window and can also perform multi tasking.

There are lots of languages which are being supported by the Notepad ++ like C , C ++ , HTML , CASE , C # , PHP , java , JavaScript and much more in single software. It was first launched for the windows device but now available for almost every operating system but in this article we will tell you that how can you install the Notepad ++ on your desktop or laptop working with Windows XP , 7 , 8 , 8.1 , 10 so just read it till end. Before going for the further details let us come to know about the features of Notepad ++ and it’s Pros and Cons so that you will be able to get complete knowledge about it.


* You can easily download this software completely free of cost and can use it without spending any money over it.

* This software is providing you the compatibility with several and different languages which also include HTML.

* The notepad ++ is offering the use of WYSIWYG and also supports the option of drag and drop for the comfortablity of users.

* It is offering you the folding option and the option of syntax highlighting which can be done with your written text if required.


* It contains some bugs which makes it a little but disappointed but these are not very big problem as it gets updated regularly with fixed bugs.

Features of Notepad ++

1 . Adding bookmark

2 . Document map

3 . GUI is entirely customizable

4 . PCRE ( Perl compatible regular expression ) can also be able to search or replace.

5 . Syntax highlighting and folding feature for the users define

6 . Feature of auto completion


8 . It supports the environment of multiple languages

9 . It has been launch after with different arguments

10 . There is also a feature of playback and macro recording

11 . Tab interface for the multi-document feature

Key features of Notepad ++ for Windows

The key features of Notepad ++ for which it is known are :

1. Editing: The main function of this program is editing text with help of various and different features like of coloring , replacing text or loading your files. The users are also allowed to choose in between of the different fonts which are being displayed depending on your requirement of text either small font , medium font or the large size font.


2. Multi documents : With help of Notepad ++ users are getting the option or possibility of opening several kinds of text files on same time which means simultaneously with the option of tab indeed of it you are also having an option of getting switched from one text document to the another with help of this multi document option.


3. Auto-completion: The main difference or feature which makes notepad ++ unique from the usual notepad is that it provides suggestion to automatically finishes the words by its own and this action is very helpful because it will prevent you from repeating any same thing again. You will be also remain free from errors with help of this feature when you are typing your programming language on notepad++.


4. Supports several languages: Notepad ++ is also having the option in which it can support a huge number of varieties of programming languages which are more than 20 in number approximately which also includes HTML, ADA, XML and much more. This feature of Notepad ++ also allowed it to edit code source for different kind of websites or any application.

So , these all above was the important and necessary information which is required by you while using Notepad ++ for your PC or laptop which are working on Windows software , now we will be going to provide a stepwise step guide in which you will be able to download the latest version which 7.5.3 of Notepad ++ you just need to follow the below mentioned steps :

How to Download Notepad++ for Windows XP , 10 , 8.1 , 8 , 7

Step – 1 : First of all you will be needed to go on the online site of Notepad ++ from where you can easily download it , in case if you do not know the site then below we are also providing you a link by clicking on which you will be directly redirected to the page of downloading notepad ++

Step Р2 : Now , after visiting the page you will see the option of download in green coloured box and simply click on that option  after which you will see that a pop up window will appears which is present at the top left side corner of your screen or you can directly visit the page of pop up window.

Step – 3 : Now , after you this pop-up box you are just required to choose a single option that is of save file. After clicking the option of save file only then your download will begin otherwise not click on it and as you click your downloading for the latest version of Notepad ++ started. Now , you will be required to wait until your download of file gets completed.

Step – 4 : Next , go to the download section and there after your file gets downloaded click on it to open.

Step – 5 : Now , after clicking the file you will see a new dialogue box appears on your screen with two options from which you will be required to choose the option of run so that your PC will install this software to your Windows device.

Step – 6 : Now , after you click on this option immediately a new dialogue box will appear with a welcome note now , you are only needed to click the option of Next which is present at the bottom right side of your device screen or this box.

Step – 7 : Next , after clicking on the option of next you will another box with the terms and conditions of using Notepad ++ , read them thoroughly and now you will be required to accept the terms and conditions for this click on the option of I agree present on screen.

Step – 8 : After it you will see some other boxes on which you will be required to provide same the option of next button present right side bottom of your screen several times and after 2-3 clicks you will finally be able to see the option if install in the place of next , now click on this option of install.

Step – 9 : As soon as you click the option of install the installation procedure will begin shortly , now wait till the install gets completed and then at last just click the option of finish and you are done.

So , you can see how simple is this to download Notepad ++ for your windows device just follow these simple and easy steps and then you are done with it. You will not face any problem related to download or install of Notepad ++ after using these above steps but still if face them comment below your problem we will provide the solution to it.

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