Potty training 10 tips for potty training your child

Sleep training: 10 tips for toilet-training your child

Potty training many parents dread it. You read a lot about it and don’t want to put too much pressure on your child, but around you you can get quite influenced by the good advice and tips from others. With toilet training it is that children tell themselves when they are ready, but how exactly does it work?

So much information about potty training

When you are pregnant or a new mother, you hear and read so much information. On some things I had a clear opinion. So I was clear about when the pacifier could go and I would start toilet training as soon as he was two years old.

You can’t control a child

Now I had not taken the boys’ illness into account. They have Hirschsprung’s disease, a chronic intestinal disease. He could not potty train for feces, so to start potty training for pee was quite a challenge. I consciously waited a year with this.

We traveled around America and Canada in a camper van for seven months and had plenty of time to start training. With our youngest, who only needed to be toilet trained from urine, we managed to start potty training at the age of two. That pacifier, though, didn’t go away until he turned three.

It was clear to me; you cannot control children. But of course you can help.

What is toilet training?

What do they really mean by potty training?? It is your child’s guidance in potty training. Getting control of the urge.

A potty-trained child can hold up their pee and poop, and respond independently to urges, by going to the toilet to pee or poop on their own.

A shout out to potty training pants

Practice pants are ideal for potty training. Why? Exercise pants. They are also called training pants and help children (and parents) with toilet training. They look more like underpants than diapers and are easy for children to put on and take off.

There is a lot of difference in training pants. Many are ideal for when your child is more advanced in the training, but others absorb more liquid so that they can also be used during early toilet training.

Practice pants come in different brands, sizes and colors. With some you can put extra boosters in and others have side closures, push buttons or have a fabric exterior. Plenty of choice.

10 tips for potty training

If you want to start potty training, take these tips with you: