Buy maternity clothes at Zeeman

Buy maternity clothes at Zeeman now too

Good news for all pregnant moms (to be) because Zeeman is launching its first maternity collection! The line is designed with comfort in mind and consists of items that are easy to combine with each other. With the new collection Zeeman shows that maternity wear does not have to be expensive.

Maternity clothes do not have to be expensive

A proud feeling comes over you when the first signs of a pregnant belly appear, which is also often the time when your clothes become too tight, you start walking around with the button undone in your jeans and skirts are no longer comfortable. Time to go shopping for maternity clothes and switch to maternity jeans, for example. The maternity jeans from Zeeman look like regular jeans at first glance, but it has a comfortable stretchy belly band at the top.

The belly band covers your belly and gives your belly the support it needs. The first maternity collection of Zeeman has that nice price you are used to from Zeeman. After all, you already spend enough money on baby outfits.

What do you find at this first pregnancy collection

How nice it is to be able to shop for maternity clothes, which is often that moment when it all ‘really’ starts to feel real. There is just a little person growing in your belly. And you want to show off that belly, you want to show it off, but in comfortable clothing.

The new collection includes stylish flared pants in two colors, jeans with elastic inserts and supple pants in tiger print. There are also several basic items such as a dress, a skirt and extra long T-shirts. All made from durable materials and in soft stretchy fabrics that wear fine and fit every body type.

Below is a small selection from the collection. Look for the entire collection on the site of Zeeman.


  • Pregnancy clothes are now also available at Zeeman
  • Buy maternity clothes now also at Zeeman


Also nightwear

Not only for daytime, there is a first pregnancy collection. They have also thought about the night and that is actually quite logical. Because at some point you may sleep better when you lie against a pregnancy pillow, your nightwear should also be comfortable. The ladies nightdress from the collection is made of Liva Eco viscose.

A durable material that is extra soft to the touch for ultimate comfort.

A maternity bra

For after the pregnancy you will find a pre-shaped nursing bra in several colors at Zeeman. A nursing bra is essential for breastfeeding. With a bra like this you can easily and quickly bare your breast to feed your baby without having to take off your bra completely. Our maternity bra is made of soft fabric, making it extra comfortable.

The bra has wider straps and a wider band at the bottom, this gives extra support. The fabric stretches, so the bra can also be worn during pregnancy when your breasts are growing. There is a clip on the shoulder straps that makes it easy to fold down the cup of the bra.

This can be done with 1 hand so you have your other hand free for your baby.



The collection is now available online and in stores

The maternity collection has a size range of 36-48. Prices range from 6.99 euros to 15.99 euros. The pregnancy collection is available in stores and online at Zeeman since this week./pregnancy collection

photo’s Brochure: Maternity Collection/ Client: Zeeman/ free image by Tawny Nina Botha via Pixabay