Zeeman pregnancy collection, trendy and affordable

Zeeman Maternity collection, trendy and affordable

In July this year Zeeman launched their first collection of maternity wear. That this would be so successful was actually to be expected and that is why Zeeman now brings a second maternity collection from. A collection of comfortable, trendy maternity wear for a nice price.

Zeeman launches second maternity collection

Halfway through this year Zeeman launched their first maternity collection. Great clothes with great prices too. And that’s nice, because after all a pregnancy costs money enough, just think of the outfit for your baby, but also the fact that you might not wear your maternity clothes for so long, you might not want to spend too much either.

When you can buy these clothes for a nice price, that’s a nice bonus. And that the Maternity collection of Zeeman is a success is clear and now they come with their second maternity collection.

Comfortable trendy clothes

This maternity collection has comfortable items, so all pregnant moms (to be) look great this fall. Maternity clothes are trendy, with comfortable pants, shirts and dresses in black and army green with a beautiful spotted print. All items are made of comfortable materials to fit every body type.

Zeeman launches a second line of maternity wear

Mix and Match

Advantage is that you can mix and match the clothes from this maternity collection as well. So you can easily match the black short sleeve turtleneck with the blue maternity jeans or with the stretchy and supple black flare pants. But you can also opt for a basic black t-shirt with the army green printed midi skirt.

A pair of blue maternity jeans from the Zeeman collection Maternity collection of the Zeeman Maternity collection, skirt with army print Black pants and turtle neck top Zeeman

Accentuate your belly

Rather be ready in one go? Then the two dresses from the collection are perfect for you. With long sleeves, these are perfect for fall and the bow detail accentuates the belly nicely.

Buy affordable maternity wear at Zeeman


Items from the collection are available in sizes 36 to 48. Prices run between €7.99 and €15.99.

Maternity wear for everyone

A baby outfit costs a lot of money and you often forget yourself. Yet comfortable maternity wear is so important. Nothing more pleasant in pregnancy than clothes that fit well.

The second maternity collection at Zeeman is again surprising, trendy and affordable.