Pregnant – all the developments at the nine months fair

Pregnant- Discover all the developments at the nine months fair

Whether for the first time pregnant are or already have one or more children, the nine-month fair is the place to get inspiration for your (upcoming) baby. Get to know new brands, discover useful tips and facts and get inspired. Pregnant, new mother or already experienced in motherhood?

The nine-month fair is fun for everyone (yes for fathers too).

The Nine Months Fair

After two years, the nine-month fair may also open their doors again, this time not in February but from May 11 to 14. And no matter how many weeks pregnant you are, whether this is your first or second child or whether you have been enjoying motherhood for a while, attending the nine-month fair is an event in itself. It is inspiring to learn new things, discover new brands, see useful tools and practice with the latest stroller or baby carriage. Do you need inspiration for the nursery, a high chair or bike seat?

Come to the fair. Get inspired, get advice and meet other pregnant women.

You can read all about this fair on the site of the nine-month fair.

Innovation and developments when you are pregnant

But what am I, a mother of two teenagers, doing at the Nine Months Fair?? Just like two years ago, I was present on the first day of the fair during a blog tour. The 9month blogger tour has been hosted for several years by Fleur of Mama’sliefste and Mirjam of MeervanMir.

With a group of bloggers I went along different brands to get inspiration for all the pregnant women who visit my blog. Not only to encourage you to go to the fair yourself and read here in advance who and what to expect. But also for the pregnant woman who only reads this article later and is thus informed about the different brands, new brands, innovation and development in the field of pregnancy and motherhood.

Opening of the nine-month fair

Mama Deli opened the nine-month fair together with Naomi van As (pregnant herself) and in cooperation with Stichting Kinderziekenhuizen van Oranje. This was done by a real crawl race, where babies’d show their crawling skills. This did not go smoothly, some children went the wrong way.

But in the end, they all crawl to the finish line. And with a push on the big red button, the nine-month fair was officially opened.

a check for the children's hospital of orange

Which brands will you encounter during the fair?


At BABYmatters you will find everything you need for when you are pregnant, as well as the maternity, baby, and toddler years! BeSafe car seats and ergonomic baby carriers, Babypatent bathtub with integrated scale, Bombol rocker, the trendy Elodie Details collections, Yumi Yay night lights, Modu play blocks, Timio educational toys and so much more.

The 3 pillars of BABYmatters ergonomics, safety and design, form the basis of all BABYmatters brands.

Yumi Yay night lights

The night lights from Yumi Yay come in two varieties Finn & Otti and Billy & Tika, cheerful lights that you can set to burn for 20-40 or 60 minutes. The lights are made of silicone, so a baby can nibble on the ears if it wants to. There are no cords and the lamp turns on by pressing it.

Every animal has its own character.

Baby Matters Yumi Yay night lights

Treat your skin with love, especially when you’re pregnant. That’s why Naïf natural care contains everything your skin really needs: from body lotion to mild wash gel. Dermatologically tested and free of microplastics, mineral oils or silicones. For example, the wipes are perfume-free and plant-based.

Naïf is a brand that every mother has in her cupboard.

Naïf skin care

Stokke, Here We Grow

If you are pregnant, you surely know the StokkeTripp Trapp. But Stokke has much more for your baby.

Stokke is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and to celebrate, Stokke is coming out with a number of Limited Editions, including a Tripp Trapp of which 15 thousand will be made, but no two chairs will be alike.

But they also have a Play Table that is height adjustable and super easy travel mattress, which is self-inflating and does not require a fitted sheet. Ideal for travel, sleepovers or weekends away.

All Stokke products are designed to encourage child development and optimize the bond between parent and child. From high-seat strollers with the child’s gaze on the parents, to award-winning baby carriers and the wide range of high chairs and other seating solutions.

Stokke Play Table Travel mattress from Stokke, inflates itself/ Stokke stroller with high seat


Thule is at the Nine Months Fair with a very nice stand. Makes sense because they have so many beautiful items .

Thule Courier: the bike trailer for family adventures

Ideal for long drives with your kids, but also for shopping at the weekly market. The Thule Courier converts from stroller to shopping cart in a snap. Perfect for families who are always on the go.

Thule Shine: the compact and comfortable stroller for simplicity in the city

From newborn to toddler, with the new Thule Shine stroller, parents can take their child around the busy city in comfort from day one. The stroller’s lightweight, compact and easy-to-handle design is perfect for navigating the city and also excels with its premium features.

Thule Courier Thule Shine

Vini Mini

Your baby’s first bite is always exciting, because when do you start feeding and what do you give?. You often get advice from the counseling office, but what about food allergies?

For many parents, giving their baby allergens is a complicated and time-consuming process. This is where Vini Mini aims to provide a solution with their convenient and reliable nutritional supplements for babies, based on scientific research. My first peanut in 3 or 6 steps, depending on baby’s allergy sensitivity.

Powder from pouches or capsule are easy to mix with first snacks.

Vini Mini Food allergy prevention

Finn’s Toy Box

Finn’s Toy Box is the toy box that perfectly matches your child’s developmental needs. You can easily subscribe and every 3 months a box of toys will be sent to you (0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months) where the toys fit the development of your child at that time, this can be seen by the colors of the toys

This box costs €75.00 and it has toys in t.w.v €80,00-€85,00. Great to ask grandparents when you are pregnant or to give as a maternity gift.

toy subscription Finn

Hey Mama Lou, sustainability and natural parenting

Hey Mama Lou is the (web)shop for mother and child focused on sustainability and natural parenting. At Hey Mama Lou you will find beautifully handmade wool products such as the softest wool underpads for the crib or stroller, wool crib blankets, wool slippers for the mom and wool body warmers for mother and child.
But what is also a real passion is carrying your baby, because the bonding of the parent and child is so important. We always have someone in the store who is either a babywearing consultant or has a lot of experience in carrying your child and can always give you good advice on how best to carry your child. We also continue this online, because there is always a consultant who can advise you on the chat if you can’t figure it out yourself.

Hey Mama Lou is:

  • The store is in Soest
  • Only physical shop where carry consultants are at your service. Online and offline
  • Gifts for young and old
  • Delicious wool products
  • Beautiful sustainable clothing and blissful wool collection for young and old
  • Organic and in the Netherlands produced care products.

Are you pregnant and do you want to carry your baby after birth?. Ask a babywearing consultant.

Hey Mama Lou a store with wool products. babywearing consultant natural parenting and wearing

The Little Kitchen

At the Little Kitchen, they make organic baby and children’s products. 100% natural baby care. No palm fats, no refined sugars with whole wheat flour and everything organic.

Because at the Little Kitchen they -just like many parents- want every child to grow up healthy and energetic.

Products that you can find at the Little the kitchen include:

  • Organic baby-child cookies
  • Organic baby and children’s snacks

Check out the Little Kitchen website and listen to the podcast.

Organic baby and children's products

The Jiffle, stroller and more…

The discovery of the nine-month fair for me was The Jiffle Wagon. This is a stroller that has been thought about:

A life with children is a life with more! More to live for, more to love, but also more to wear. The Jiffle wagon is there for your ‘more.

The Jiffle wagon goes with you during your experience and your adventures. With a nice carrycot for your baby, because of the good ventilation, adaptable to your needs. Comfortable outings due to the suspension directly under the carrycot and seat and with plenty of room to store your belongings while you’re out and about. Sibling can hitch a ride and you can use the wagon when it suits you!

That’s The Jiffle wagon, how do you jiffle?

The Jiffle Wagon a stroller with many possibilitiesVentilation also on the side, so your child can also look outside. From carry cradle, to sitting to wagonfrom carry crib, to sit, to stroller and you can also see the ride-along board

Getting The Jiffle wagon ready to go:

Little Dutch

Little Dutch is an established name at home and abroad. Their mission is to create functional, safe, high-quality essentials and lifestyle products with an attractive look thanks to the unique finish. With the extensive product selection of Little Dutch it is possible to style the nursery with great ease.

Little Dutch is loving design, cheerfulness, beautiful colors, quality and comfort!

Different collections from Little Dutch are:

  • Sailors Bay Collection
  • Flowers & Butterflies Collection
  • Little Goose Collection

Are you pregnant and looking for inspiration for the nursery?? Be sure to take a look at Little Dutch.

Little Dutch nursery inspiration

Little Dutch Maternity gift book and cardboard book

May 30, Little Dutch books appear for the first time at Mercis Publishing! Namely, the new maternity gift book My First Animal Book and in the cardboard book Come Play? Nice to get if you are pregnant or have just given birth.

But also for children on their birthday.

My first animal book
In the big cardboard book My first animal book, you’ll learn about lots of animals from different worlds. From the forest to the jungle and from the sky to the sea: there is endless to discover. A perfect gift book to enjoy for years to come.

Fun for young and old.
price: €19.95

Come play?
Crafts, scooting, dressing up or building with blocks. In the cardboard book Come and play? see how you can all play together. The special shape of the book makes it fun to play with as well.

maternity gift Cardboard book

Mama Deli

Freeze fresh baby food. Straight off the land and frozen within 5 hours. That’s Mommy Deli. After which you can keep the food in the freezer for a year.

This is baby food as it should be. The foods are age-appropriate, with 4-month-olds pureed, 8-month-olds with more pieces, and 12-month-olds clearly showing what they are.

from the country frozen in 5 hours

The flavors are delicious. This is how we tasted the avocado/banana. The sweet potato/ pumpkin and the orzo/ bell pepper/courgette/ corn.

Mama Deli is sold among others at Jumbo and AH and costs €1,99.

Quapi Baby and children’s clothing

Quapi Kidswear is a cheerful Dutch children’s clothing brand for both boys and girls from 0 to 12 years.

There is a Newborn collection in size 50 to 68, for the minis a collection in size 62 to 10 and a collection for kids in size 92 to 158/164.

Quapi Newborn

Quapi Newborn is a collection of the softest and most beautiful wearable clothes for newborns. Cute bodysuits, dresses, rompers, pants and t-shirts for baby’s in trendy colors and prints that match perfectly and are easy to combine. All boys, girls and unisex items are available from size 50 to size 68 and made from 100% organic cotton.

LEVV Newborn

LEVV Newborn: Beautiful colors, cute designs, fine prints and comfortable fits, a collection specially designed for the little ones. Available in sizes 56 to 74.
There is also Levv Essentials; the never out of stock collection in basic shades that can be worn all year round. This collection can be combined endlessly and also includes a unisex line. It is available from size 44 to 74 and can be worn all year round.
The LEVV Newborn collections are made of 100% Fairtrade organic cotton and are produced entirely sustainably.

Care for your Little one, Care for the world.

Quapi and LEVV newborn clothing

Happy Earth

Happy Earth wants to bring a dose of happiness and the very best products for you and for the earth! If you are pregnant or have just become a mother, you may also be much more aware of the earth and how you want to pass it on to your children. Happy Earth ensures less plastic waste.

Happy Earth’s packaging is sustainable: 100% recycled plastic, plastic free or made from biodegradable cork.

Happy earth Happy earth deodorant with cork


At the Fedde stand&Kees I also got super excited about the Nunki sheet and actually this is something every pregnant woman should buy, not only for the sleep of your baby but also for yourself. Fedde&Kees brings night rest for your baby and peace of mind for you.

For many parents, tucking in turns out to be a big challenge. Tightly tucked in, how? Especially if you have a mobile baby.
The Nunki blanket was conceived and designed with this problem in mind. You are pregnant, your little one comes out of your belly and suddenly has to sleep on his back in a big bed. Many babies lack security. Prevent awkward sleepers by giving them security with the Nunki blanket:

The Nunki sheet

No more hassle with loose sheets or the risk of getting tangled in them. Tucking in according to the guidelines and always in the same way and optimal security for the baby. Due to the elasticity of the fabric, the sheet provides a deep pressure sensation on the upper body: ‘a similar effect to a soothing hand of mom or dad on the chest’.

The Nunki sheet provides the security that your baby so desperately needs. Tight fitting is super easy and the blanket cannot come loose. So your baby experiences that wonderful womb feeling safely in bed day and night.

Recommended to use this blanket from day 1.


I think we all know Mepal and we probably all have them in the cupboard. It’s a smart, convenient and innovative brand for the home and on the go. The products can be recognized by their well thought-out solutions, functional and timeless appearance and contemporary design.

Mepal makes it easy to enjoy important moments in life. Almost all products are made in the Netherlands.

Mepal will be at the nine-month fair with new products, such as plates with raised edges (so children kneel less when eating by themselves) and the practice cup 360. Mepal products are BPA and Melamine free.

Mepal plate with raised rim Mepal practice cup

Joolz stroller

One of the first things you buy when pregnant is often a stroller. Now there are so many brands, it’s good to take a quiet look at these. Joolz is a premium Dutch stroller brand committed to putting the new generation of parents in control. Parents determined to create a more beautiful world for their children and themselves.

They help with products and services designed for real life so parents feel comfortable and balanced.

Table Talk with Ragna Heidweiller and Samuel Levie

Instead of a story about Joolz’s new products, we had a Table Talk with writer/speaker/coach Ragna Heidweiller and her husband Samuel Levie Chef/columnist about their book ; For better or worse – but only if you do the dishes. A book about how to divide time and care when you become parents, about how you continue to communicate together and be there for each other. Things you can actually think about when you’re pregnant, but which are often forgotten.

My Joolz Table Talk with Ragna Heidweiller and Samuel Levie

Yummygums vitamins

YummyGums are vitamin gummies for women who are pregnant, children and when you want to boost your skin, hair and nails:

YummyGums Mommy

These are the pregnancy vitamin gummies with folic acid. It is a tasty sugar-free raspberry-flavored vitamin gummy that contains all the important vitamins your body needs before, during and after pregnancy. These gums are vegan, 100% natural, free of allergens and artificial colors and flavors.

Yummygums Kids

Yummygums Kids are sugar-free strawberry flavored gummies that contain 12 important vitamins and minerals, including a high dose of vitamin B12 and vitamin D3. These gums support your child’s energy levels and immunity and are important for strong bones and teeth. They are vegan, 100% natural, free of allergens and artificial colors and flavors.

Yummygums Hair

Yummygums Hair is a tasty vitamin gummy that boosts hair, skin and nails. She contains all the important micronutrients to support your hair, skin and nails, such as biotin, selenium and bamboo extract. Yummygums Hair supports beautiful, healthy and better growing hair, combats hair breakage, gives radiant skin and ensures strong nails.

Yummygums are vegan, 100% natural, free of allergens and artificial colors and flavors.

Yummie guts vitamins for pregnant, children and men and women vitamins for hair, skin and nails

Dutch Association of Classical Homeopaths

Professional association of classical homeopaths. The NVKH is the professional association for all professional, registered classical homeopaths in the Netherlands. They are a group of committed and inspired healthcare professionals who work with a high degree of professionalism to activate the self-healing ability of the body and mind to restore them in unique ways.

The message they had at the nine-month fair was actually, that when you are pregnant or have just given birth, you will quickly go to a family doctor with complaints, but that a homeopath can definitely help you as well.

Bella’s Herb Garden

At Bella’s Herb Garden you can find meal herbs for kids who eat with the pot! Without added sugars, salt and e-numbers, like spaghetti seasoning. Meal spices without added sugar, salt and e-numbers.

Bella teaching children to eat herbs without additives

Easywalker stroller

Easywalker presented us with the new stroller Jimmy. Jimmy has everything and is the best of the best. The hood is extra large, it has extra ventilation, the cot is 70 cm so that even taller babies’ll still be able to lie in the stroller, the head can be raised and the fabric can be removed from the stroller for washing.

Jimmy can also be made 20 cm higher and the base can be removed. This has handles in it, so you can take it with you when you go shopping.

The chair of the seat can be placed higher (cost €25.00). The trolley is easy to fold and unfold. An ideal stroller!

Also very nice, the steering wheel that can be put on the stroller :). If you are pregnant, be well informed about the different strollers.

easywalker jimmy The stroller can be raised very easily

Mattie Café

Would you like to have a one-on-one conversation with an expert? In the Mattie Cafe you can speed date with experts. You can also attend workshops and lectures on various topics such as the importance of bonding, your baby’s behavior or your little one’s sleep patterns.

But you can also visit MattieClick outside the nine-month fair:

You are a mother, or almost a mother. Or you are (almost) a father. You’ll be happy with that. But there are moments when you just don’t know anymore. You want to give your baby all the attention and care.

But you also have to work, or learn. Or there’s hassle with your benefits, or with the house. And how about yourself?

Do you still have time to do nice things?

How can MattieClick help you?

As a parent you really don’t have to do it alone. Because there might be more people around you than you think. People who want to help you, to make things just a little bit easier Maybe it’s hard to know who to turn to. And what exactly you can ask someone.

MattieClick helps you with that.

With MattieClick, you create a handy overview of your network yourself (including people you might not have thought of). So you know who you can count on! Check out the site for information, workshops and free materials.

Dooky trendy and handy accessories

Dooky is perhaps best known for the Dooky Universal Cover, but they have much more:

Dooky Universal Cover

With the Dooky Universal Cover you can easily create a calm and peaceful environment for your child so that it is not bothered by light, wind, sun, noise, light rain and other environmental influences. The Dooky Cover is universal and easy to attach within seconds to your group 0+ car seat, stroller and even baby carriage! The unique and registered design makes the Dooky Cover easily adjustable to any desired height.


The sunglasses are from 6 months to 3 years and now come in new prints.

Dooky Baby Carrier

Dooky now also has a baby carrier, which can be worn on your back or on your belly, and your baby can look at you or out into the wide world on your belly. The baby carrier can be used from 0-3 years and costs €79.95

Dooky baby carrier Dooky sunglasses

Nappy’s.On to the right diaper

Washable diapers are becoming increasingly popular and logical when you consider how much waste comes from disposable diapers. Nappy’ has the largest and most reasonably priced range of washable diapers in the Netherlands and Belgium. They sell more than 30 different brands, including well-known brands like Hu-Da washable diapers, Little Lamb and Petit Lulu but also exclusive brands like Lighthouse Kids Company and Elskbar.

Cloth diapers are not old-fashioned but the diaper of the future. They look nice and are very convenient, because you basically only need 24 diapers. There is elastic at the back, so you can’t get sprayed diapers and you can throw them in the washing machine easily.

Cold wash first and then 60 degrees. You can use inserts for stool softeners.

There are two sizes of washable diapers, they are adjustable with snaps, at the front, but also at the legs. Get advice if you are pregnant or have just become a mother, but even if you already have several children, with one change of washable diapers a week, you are already helping to reduce the amount of waste.


photo credits Grace van Go Gracy

Meet Pamper’s softest diaper

At Pampers they care about your baby’s well-being. Pampers Premium Protection keeps your baby dry and protected for up to 12 hours. They are not the No. 1 for nothing.1 choice of maternity wards. You can register at the nine months fair.

As soon as your child is born, you will receive emails with tips and tricks to relieve you of some of your worries as a parent.

Weleda 100% natural care

Weleda is another brand that every mother and woman who is pregnant knows and probably has in her cupboard. Because Weleda is 100% natural care for the whole family

Having a baby is and remains a miracle. And that’s when you want to take good care of yourself and the little one in your belly. Therefore, use products with only organic and 100% natural ingredients.

For pregnant women and babies’s, the:

  • Mommy-to-be package
  • Baby Must’ve Package
  • Weleda Calendula baby care

Bobike bike seats and accessories

Bobike designs trendy, comfortable and safe bicycle seats and accessories that help you and your family discover the world in a healthy and fun way. And that collection is becoming increasingly sustainable through the use of recycled materials and new, sustainable materials such as sugar cane. The best compromise between durability and safety to keep your family on the move.

Bobike One Eco

At Bobike, they care about the environment and are constantly working to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste and develop new techniques and materials that have less impact on the environment. For example, all the colored back plates of the Bobike One® bike seats are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable, without compromising safety while maintaining the same standards.

Bobike trailer

The Bobike Trailer is a multifunctional bike trailer that can be used as a bike trailer or as a stroller. To use it as a bicycle trailer, simply attach it to the rear wheel of the bicycle with the attachment system provided. The Bobike Trailer can comfortably transport one or two children (max.

44 kg).

bike seat Bobike trailer

Baboe cargo bikes

Baboe has cargo bikes with two and three wheels. All cargo bikes are 90 cm wide and should therefore be able to fit through a door. You can buy different accessories with the cargo bikes such as a baby scale.

Although a baby can also be put in the maxi-cosy in the cargo bike. A baby can ride in the cargo bike from 3 months, but only when the neck is strong enough.

Baboe regularly arranges rest days to test the cargo bikes. It is important to definitely test the bikes first, because only after you know how the different bikes handle and brake will you know which cargo bike is ideal for you.

two wheels cargo bike three wheels cargo bike

Gazelle: family bike or cargo bike

Gazelle Bloom family bike

When I was pregnant I knew for sure I wanted a mother’s bike. Now fourteen years later, I am still riding my Gazelle Bloom family bike. Ideal, because even though the child seats have long since been replaced by panniers and a shopping basket, the low step trough and sturdiness of the bike means I can take all my shopping with me every time.

Gazelle now also offers an electric version of the Bloom.

Gazelle Makki cargo bike

Makki is designed with input from parents and children as a starting point. This makes Makki no ordinary electric cargo bike, but a cargo bike that you and your children will enjoy using time and again. Full attention has been given to safety and comfort for both you and your little one(s).

And with a thoughtful package of accessories you dare to replace your second car for Makki.

Gazelle Bloom family bike Gazelle cargo bike

Dolly cargo bike: top quality with home service

For over 10 years Dolly bakfiets keeps families on the move with the ideal electric cargo bike. Unique design, top quality built by us in the Netherlands in your own color combination. With unique test drive, home service and maintenance.

Choose a Dolly? Then you cycle often within a few weeks because of the short delivery time. You put it together yourself with one configuration, choosing from more than 55 color combinations.

Dolly cargo bike

Pregnant could go to the motherhood fair

The nine-month fair is the best fair when you are pregnant, You discover so many new brands, innovative developments and more. Learn how to put on a sling, which stroller is ideal for you and which diapers you want to start using. During the nine months fair I visited the above stands together with a group of enthusiastic bloggers and received a lot of information.

I also got goodie bags. With the products from the goodie bags many articles will follow in the coming weeks.