How to wear bohemian style all year round

How to wear bohemian all year round

Bohemian style just for summer? No, you can also use this style in your autumn and winter collection. But what exactly is this style and how to combine it when it gets colder with what you have in your closet and the latest collections?

The bohemian style

With the bohemian style you quickly think of sun, sea, beach, Ibiza, slippers and vacations. Logical because that’s what this look radiates too. To the bohemian style fit cheerful colors, maxi dresses, long wide skirts, many prints and patterns, wide shirts and cardigans, ponchos, lace, large and lots of jewelry. But you often see a western touch to the bohemian style; cowboy boots, but also hats. With the bohemian style (or boho style) anything goes.

As long as you feel good in them.

Applying this style in autumn and winter

And although the bohemian style quickly makes you think of the summer and festival season, this does not mean that this style should stay in your closet in the fall and winter, or that you cannot combine it with new purchases. You can also apply the boho style in the fall and winter collection?

Sweaters and vests

If you are looking at sweaters for women, you can perfectly combine them with the bohemian style. A chunky knitted sweater in a plain color goes well with a long wide skirt. Put cool Cowboy boots under this and wear a nice hat and you’re done. Or a sweater with ruffles and jeans.

Wear tough boots underneath, a long necklace and long earrings and a nice cheerful hair band in your hair!

  • Drykorn
  • Mango


If you feel like wearing jeans you can also give them a nice bohemian touch. Think of a Hoodie for women with colors or beaded application. These are totally boho style with flared jeans or wide leg pants!

  • Sandro
  • Scotch&Soda

Dresses and skirts

Of course, maxi dresses and long, wide skirts are very bohemian, and it would be a shame if your summer clothes stayed in your closet during autumn and winter. Why not wear them all year round?? In summer wear your maxi dress with bright slippers or ankle boots and in autumn and winter combine it with thick tights, a leather jacket or a warm cardigan. And your skirt, as I wrote above, you can wear it with a thick sweater, a nice shirt or blouse.

Finish it off with, jewelry, a nice hat or hairband and (cowboy) boots.

The New Collection

Now you can combine your summer clothes, but of course you can also look at the new collection. How about a cheerful blouse dress? Or a jumpsuit?

You can find these nice clothes at the Bijenkorf, but of course they have many more nice collections here! Combine these clothes with jewelry for a unique boho look.

  • Another-Label
  • Maje

Flowers and patterns

We often think of autumn and winter as more dark colors, but even here you can see more color in the new collection and why not wear flowers?? Or motives? Wearing a fun color brightens up the often dark and gloomy days! Your cheerful flower pants can also be worn in winter with a sweater or cardigan.

Try to combine and dare to wear.

This is how to wear bohemian style all year round


With bohemian style, you certainly don’t have to go easy on jewelry. Jewelry can always go with this style. The more the merrier.

Jewelry hung with stones, feathers, beads, symbols and leather. Think lots of bracelets, but also eye-catching necklaces and earrings. These may be long, have color, be gold or silver. Let it stand out!

But also other accessories such as hats and headbands can always be worn!

Here's how to wear bohemian style all year round

So when you are looking for the new fall and winter collection, think about what you already have in your closet and how you can combine it with the new collections in the stores and online. And like me love the bohemian style? Be inspired, show off, add color and cheer to your days.