This is how to increase biodiversity in the garden- tips

How to increase biodiversity in the garden- tips

Biodiversity in the garden, what exactly is this and what can you do with it? We all know that more greenery is desirable in front and backyards, but why is this so important and what can I do about biodiversity??

Creating your own Paradise

Actually biodiversity was a far from my bed show, but after reading the book ‘your own Paradise, step by step to a biodiverse garden’ by Casper Boot, I got inspired by the idea of biodiversity in the garden. Now this year ( trial and error) I started a vegetable garden and also this year we chose more and more to plants in the garden. And we knew it. Besides a beautiful colored garden, we also have many more bees, bumblebees and insects in the garden.

A good start for biodiversity in the garden, but you can do much more.

This year for the first time we have a very colorful garden

Why is biodiversity so important

Biodiversity includes all types of plants, animals and microorganisms. Biodiversity is very important to let nature do its job properly. By landscaping your garden with a variety of native plants (plants that grow naturally in the Netherlands), you can contribute to improving biodiversity in the Netherlands.

Native perennials, shrubs and trees are important for maintaining local biodiversity. Because our own native insects, bees, birds and butterflies are adapted to these plants and eat from them.

What you can do for the flowers and plants in the garden

For example, what you can do about biodiversity in the garden is to place an insect hotel. With an insect hotel in the garden you are doing nature a big favor. Because even though you may not like insects very much, these creatures are indispensable for nature. Bees and bumblebees, for example, are there to pollinate various plants.

And yet other insects serve as food for birds.

But what if you don’t have a garden

Even without a garden or outdoor space, you can contribute to this, for example by building a green roof. This way you have an extra piece of ‘garden’ that insects also like to visit. And it insulates against the heat in summer.

This way you can keep your house cool and contribute to biodiversity.

Read all about creating a biodiverse garden in Your own paradise by Casper Boot.

Every little helps

It is so important for nature that we help a little from time to time, either by doing something or by doing nothing. So in your garden you can just let a piece of greenery grow, let nature do its job and let the insects find their way here. But you can also help by hanging an insect hotel, planting plants and scattering seedlings.

Look for a worm bin or start a compost pile. Every little helps to improve biodiversity.