How to prevent and remedy limescale on your black bathroom fix tures

How to prevent and remedy limescale on your black sanitary ware

Beautiful, those black bath taps, shower walls and shower mixers in the bathroom. But that limescale is unfortunately a little less fun. Luckily there are handy tricks to prevent and remedy it!

Photo: Sanibell BV – Unsplash

Have you opted for black accents in your bathroom in the form of black taps, a black shower door or a black shower faucet, for example? Awesome! Not only does it create a chic look, it also makes your bathroom look fresh and timeless. Only one drawback… the limescale, which is even more visible here.

Fortunately this is quite easy to prevent. Is it already too late? Don’t worry, it’s also very simple to fix.

Preventing limescale

Because prevention is always better than cure, here’s how to prevent limescale. By simply drying the taps, shower head and shower walls with a soft and dry towel immediately after use you minimize the chance of limescale build-up. It is really important to use a soft towel for this to prevent scratching.

Perhaps needless to mention, but you never know: definitely don’t use a scouring pad or hard cleaning brush either!

Also take your glass shower wall and tile wall with the squeegee, because of course limescale builds up there too. Although it may not be immediately visible, you still want to prevent that dull haze before it is too late!

Use mild detergents

As appealing as it is to always use all-purpose cleaner (“that’s to be used for everything, right??”) or using extra powerful cleaners is not always that convenient with black plumbing. The best thing to do is to use mild detergents, such as green soap. It is also important that you remove all soap residue afterwards and dry thoroughly with a soft towel.

Special cleaning products

In addition to your usual cleaning routine in the bathroom, it is also wise to treat your black sanitary ware with special cleaning products, for example, two or three times a year. That way you can keep them beautiful and jet black as long as possible, without a dull haze. These remedies are available from the supplier where you bought your plumbing, among others.

Lime scale removal with lemon

Oops! Intervened too late or forgot to dry? Then you might as well still get scale on your black plumbing fixtures.

Fortunately, this is still no immediate reason to panic, because Mother Nature has given us a wonder drug that really can be used for everything: lemon!

Simply cut a lemon in half, rub the faucet (or shower door) with it, wait a few minutes and rinse everything with water. Voilà, it is like new again! A cheap and environmentally friendly solution. Oh yes, don’t forget to dry everything afterwards, otherwise a lot of lemons will end up going through it! Citric acid is a wonder drug anyway, because it has many useful properties.

Besides descaling you can also use lemon to remove rust!

If you don’t have lemon and think “acid is acid, vinegar will work too”, you’re wrong. This is just a little too stubborn for your plumbing!

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