How to take the best vacation photos with your iPhone

How to take the best vacation photos with your iPhone

Do you also like to take pictures on vacation, but you do not want to always lug around a heavy system camera. You don’t have to anymore. Your best vacation photos’s with your cell phone.

Ideal if you want to take pictures anywhere and anytime.

Cell phones are getting better and better cameras’s

When I go on vacation I definitely take my phone with me and not to be on Social Media all day or check my emails. On vacation, I like to take a break from just these things, but my iPhone does go with me to capture my best vacation photos’s. Now an iPhone 13 buy perhaps not immediately for everyone and of course you can also use other iPhones or mobiles beautiful photos’s, but the iPhone 13 is a device that excels by the camera!

Why the iPhone 13

Among all the other specs, the iPhone 13’s camera has evolved again. So it has two main cameras’s, make selfies in 12 mega pixel and the user-friendly camera app has extra features. The iPhone 13 has a total of three cameras’s.

The front-facing camera is part of Face ID and can also be used for video calling and selfies.

How to make the most beautiful vacation photos’s with your mobile now

If you are going on vacation and want to take the best vacation photos’then here are some tips:

  • Look for the horizon and keep your phone straight. This gives peace to the picture and the picture also looks better.
  • If your phone has multiple functions, learn them well. Practice at home in advance so you make the most beautiful vacation photos’s on vacation.
  • Do not move your phone while shooting.
  • Take especially many pictures during the day. The light of day does wonders for your vacation snaps.
  • Make sure your lenses are clean.

A tripod is a good addition

You go on vacation and you want to take the most beautiful pictures’s, you have the tips now, but what else can you use now to take beautiful pictures’s? Use a tripod. The advantage of a tripod is that your phone is stationary. Because if you are holding the device, then you are actually always moving a bit.

This does not happen with a tripod. A tripod comes in many different sizes. Keep this in mind, especially when considering how you want to travel.

If you want to travel lightweight, choose a tabletop tripod. You can make it longer with the sliding tubes, it weighs little and you can take it with you in your daypack. Can you take more with you, you can also opt for a heavier tripod, which is more stable on its feet and takes up more space in your backpack.

Tripods nowadays almost all come with a holder for a camera and a phone.

Would you like to film and vlogging on vacation make sure you bring a Smartphone Video kit. This kit with handles attaches to your iPhone 13, making it easy to hold.

Where does your trip go

Have you already made plans for your vacation? Already know what you want to do? Wherever you go, make sure you can take your beautiful vacation photos’again this year and enjoy the memories of the vacation for a long time to come.

And remember, these tips are of course also for every other day you take pictures’s with your mobile phone.