How to keep a Social Media detox

This is how to have a social media detox

Are you too busy with Social Media? And would you like to do a social media detox, but do not know how? I’ll take you on this quest and show you how to spend less time on social media.

Social Media

How much are you on Social Media on average? How much time goes into this. How often do you feel the distraction of checking to see if something has happened on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram??

Work at home and distractions

Working from home is harder than working in an office anyway. There are so many distractions around you at home, and not just on Social Media. Although this is of course a big part of the distraction.

There is no way around it. Social media has become a big part of our day. Apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow us to keep in touch with others, contact we may need now more than otherwise.

Well, this is of course totally fine, but if you now start to feel that this Social Media is wearing you out or making you dissatisfied, then maybe it is time for a Social Media detox.

Social media detox

How to really have a Social Media Detox:

  1. Do this detox together with someone else. Agree together to shut down social media for a week and after this week hear from each other how it went.
  2. You can cold turkey get the apps off your phone.
  3. But you can also take a look at which apps you use the most and make it your goal to look at them less.
  4. If you don’t see the problem, ask your partner and/or children how you see it. Do they think you could be less busy on Social Media?? Listen to their advice.
  5. What you can do is put a rubber band on your phone. You are so quick to grab that thing again, until your fluid motion is interrupted with ( in this case a rubber band) which can make you realize, ‘wait do I grab it again already?’
  6. With a detox, it’s not that you can’t do anything at all anymore. Agree with yourself when you can be on social media. This could be after two hours of work, when you take a coffee break or ‘afternoon at tea break. But you can also agree with yourself, that you can only look and comment on Social Media after work.
  7. Turn off your phone in the evening. You can do this at 21.00 are. You give your phone for a while ‘rest’ and you will see, that by no longer looking at the screen, you also have more rest and probably also can sleep better.
  8. Buy an alarm clock, this way your phone doesn’t act as an alarm clock and therefore doesn’t have to be near you.

Put your mobile phone aside

Do you need an occasional social media detox?? Is your mobile phone going to define your life too much? Do you sleep badly ’s night because you keep looking at your phone before bed?

It’s really not final, just try to look at your screen less and who knows, it might even feel good!