Sunscreen- what brand and kind do you choose

Sunscreen-what brand and kind do you choose

Lubricate, with sunscreen. The sun only has to be there for a moment or you have to lubricate. Over the years there have been a lot of cans and bottles of sunscreen and brands to go through. but in recent years I have been loyal to one brand!

In the sun

As a teenager I used to love to put on coconut oil sunscreen and bake in the Turkish sun. These days I’m not into sunbathing at all. I remember learning my final exam full in the full sun on a bed in the garden.

Now it gets too hot and I quickly seek shade.


But what sunscreen do I use these days? I am very enthusiastic about Garnier Ambre Solaire. There is an enormous choice of spray, cream or milk.

You can still choose from spray that you have to apply yourself or spray with a protective mist, with a dry touch finish.

Feel natural

This spray feels natural on the skin and leaves behind an invisible layer of protection. I myself choose this last spray. I have my reasons for that, because when we are climbing I find it very important to apply sunscreen, as you are often hanging in the wall for a longer period of time and mostly full in the sun. The advantage of this spray is that you get it directly on your skin, you don’t have to apply it again. So you don’t get cream on your hands.

Ideal for climbing ( because then you don’t want greasy hands), but also perfect for the beach. No grains of sand sticking to your hands.

Besides being non-sticky, the spray absorbs quickly, is water-resistant and has no alcohol in it.

You should watch out when the entire Garnier Ambre Solaire collection is on sale at the drugstore. Every year the 1+1 comes along at some point, so if you are still looking for sunscreen, I would definitely visit this store now.