How to prepare for the new school year!

Good preparation is half the battle: this is how you prepare for the new school year!

The summer vacations are almost over. This also means that we have to slowly prepare for a new school year. Whether you are in high school, entering your senior year or starting college, the first week of school is exciting and takes some getting used to. Therefore, again, good preparation is half the battle!

But how to prepare for the new school year?? What to think about? We list some tips to get you started.

Check what school supplies you need

A new school year often means new purchases. Think about notebooks, a diary, possibly cover paper, etc. You may have to bring a laptop to college now, and that means buying a whole new laptop bag as well.

These are things you’d better do as early in advance as possible. This will prevent you from walking around with a lot of stress a few days before the end of the vacations. Most schools do send out lists of things you really need to purchase. Also make sure you get your books in well ahead of time.

The last thing you want is to not have these in the house when school starts.

Extra tip: looking for extra protection for your laptop? Always choose a waterproof laptop bag. This way it is protected from the weather when you are on your bike or walking to the bus.

Get back into the school routine

During the vacations, you usually throw out all the normal “rules” a little. You go to bed too late and often stay in bed well into the afternoon. Not exactly the rhythm you need to stay in when you go to school. If you don’t get back into the rhythm now, it will be very difficult those first weeks of school. So try to go to bed a little earlier and set your alarm clock to get up a little earlier in the morning.

It doesn’t have to be rigorous. Try to bring everything forward by half an hour each time. Here’s how to slowly steam yourself back into the old school routine.

Buy new clothes

Feeling a little tense for the very first week of school? For example, because you start at a new school? Then it is good to give your self-confidence a big boost and go shopping. With a few new outfits, you’ll immediately feel a lot better and you won’t have to worry about your looks that first week.

Choose something you feel comfortable and confident in.

Finish the vacations well

It’s nice to end the vacations on a high note. For example by going out for the day or eating out with friends. Don’t make it too late, of course, because everyone has to get up early the next day!