Summer reading pleasure The top 5 best read blogs on lodiblogt

Summer reading pleasure: The top 5 best read blogs on lodiblogt

Now that it's summer, it's quieter on my blog. I am busy with the boys, days out and you are busy on vacation too. Because it might be nice to just enjoy reading a blog once in a while, today I am listing the best-read blogs of the first half of the year.

Top 5 items

It is great fun to use Google Analytics to see which blogs are read the most. It is often surprising I must say. Articles that I think I read a lot, sometimes get less read than I expect.

Today I've listed the top 5 from the past six months. that the kids are getting older

On number five in my top 5 is one of the blogs I wrote about the boys getting older and if it really gets easy. It's an article from 2017, but obviously very current. I must say I noticed it was getting easier even then, but of course it's even easier now. But I didn't just write about the fact that they are getting older, I'm getting older too and dedicated an article about it here

4.Making your own waffles

One blog that I do understand is widely read is the one about Making your own waffles. When I want to bake or cook something, I often look on the internet first to see if I can find blogs on the subject. And to be honest, I still make these waffles myself quite often.

Nice to start the Sunday morning with, especially during the vacations, when there is more time for everything.

3.Crafts for carnival

One of the blogs that I didn't expect to be in my top 5, but is included is this article about crafting for carnival. The fact that this one is being read so much now I think has to do with Pinterest. Most of this article's traffic comes from Pinterest.

This is where my craft and DIY pins do well anyway. Another article that is often repinned is the one about paracords.

2.Sleepytime tea: the solution to sleep problems. Does it really work?

A few years ago I got to try this night tea and since then I drink it every night. Whether it really works for better sleep, I do not know, I sleep well, but the tea itself is delicious and blogs about sleeping well are often searched for.

1.How much pocket money do you give your child

The best read blog of the last six months is the article about how much pocket money do you give your children. I certainly wouldn't have considered this as number one. So you see there is no way to tell. Now it is also not strange, since pocket money is always current.

Here the boys also always get their pocket money increase in the new school year and then I also check my own blog to see how much it should be..

Lots of fun to read

In case you have some time to read blogs during the vacations, here are my top 5. Have fun reading.