Being sick as a mother, an absolute no-go

Being sick as a mother, an absolute no-go

The past few days I was recovering from the flu or some kind of virus. I never really know what disease is which. In any case I was hanging above the toilet and everything hurt. Sounds great right?

I find being sick at all a bit of a state but with two kids and a husband it is no party at all. Being sick as a mother makes me cry so stupid.

Being sick, an absolute no-go as a mother

Last Friday the misery began. ’In the evening the little man suddenly woke up and spit all over his bed. He repeated this about five more times. I went through the bedding like a rocket but most of all it was very sad for our toddler. Pretty exhausted after an evening like that I crawled into bed.

The next morning the party continued. I too was now hanging over the toilet bowl. Such a shame.

I spent the rest of the day lying on the couch with my little man next to me. Sick together. The husband and baby were thankfully spared the suffering. This one, however, was now the fool and was supposed to take care of us.

One day is still doable. The next day our toddler was already a little more up and about. This one demanded plenty of attention.

I was still flat on my own. Day two of the infirmary already, so the big man still had to run a little harder for us. What he secretly does with love of course but maybe he also found it a bit irritating.

By Monday the toddler had recovered enough to go to preschool again. That gave me a few hours of peace. I was able to eat a little but my legs were still pretty shaky. Since I could eat again and waddle around a bit, the husband, apparently, thought I was completely fit again. So secretly he assumed that I could do everything again.

If I wanted to get in the car to pick up the toddler from preschool. I didn’t. I mistook the world for cumin cheese and did not feel it was wise to get behind the wheel then. With a look on his face, the husband said he would get the little man. My husband works at home so he has the opportunity, but it is not convenient for him if he has to leave the house halfway through the day.

So what do you get? Right, a husband who can’t fully appreciate it and a mother with a guilty conscience.


Being sick as a mother always gives me a huge feeling of guilt. As a stay-at-home mom, I’m used to running the household and taking care of the kids and animals. So as soon as I am sick I get a huge feeling of guilt for not taking good enough care of everything. Even when my own husband takes care of it I find it terribly irritating. I want to do it all myself and I actually expect myself to do it all the time.

Also when I hang green with nausea over the toilet bowl. Nice and realistic huh? I just believe that is a trait of most mothers.

Once your first child is born, you get an instant guilt trip that pops up every now and then. Too bad.

Fortunately, I was pretty much back to functioning by Tuesday so I was able to put that guilt aside quickly.

How do you do when you are sick? Do you have help then or do you just walk through in between puking?

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