How to surprise your mother on Mother’s Day

How to surprise your mother on Mother’s Day

Soon it will be Mother’s Day again. Are you wondering what to give your mother?? Maybe I can help you.

Surprising your mother does not have to be difficult. And with these tips I am sure you will have a happy mother!

Send your present!

Do you really want to surprise your mother? Send instead of dropping by. If you stop by then she actually already knows you brought something.

But by sending it you really surprise her. Who would expect you to send something? A gift card for Mother’s Day is the perfect surprise! Pick a sweet card and add a present to it. There is plenty to choose from, so there is something for every mother.

I’m sure she can really appreciate this.

Surprise her with a breakfast for Mother’s Day

The standard cards and bunches of flowers are not really surprising. If you really want to surprise your mother for Mother’s Day? Then arrange breakfast. Online you can find a lot of companies that offer this. And especially if you no longer live with your mother, this is a really nice idea.

This way she can start her day with a delicious gift. If you find it too expensive? Make your own breakfast and bring it along!

You can make it as expensive as you want and it’s even more fun this way, of course!

A scavenger hunt with grandchildren

My mother adores me, but perhaps even more adores her grandchildren. How nice is it to let her do something with her grandchildren on Mother’s Day. A scavenger hunt with tasks to complete together. And at the end is her favorite shower gel or chocolates.

A hugely fun surprise that she is sure to appreciate!

Organize a high tea for Mother’s Day

My mother still has Mother’s Day presents in her closet from several years ago. Just because it doesn’t come up. That is why I am not surprising her with a present this year, but with a high tea. Of course you can go to a restaurant together for high tea, but you can also organize it yourself.

Online you can find a lot of nice things you can make. Take it in a cooler bag and unwrap it with your mom. Don’t forget a nice bowl and plates, because of course you don’t want to leave your mom with the dishes.

I’m sure she’ll love this surprise for Mother’s Day!

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