Solar energy find a solar panel installer near you

Solar energy: find a solar panel installer near you

Solar panels, they are becoming increasingly popular, you can understand that because the sun gives free solar energy With the result that the cost of the energy bill will be lower. But if you want to have solar panels installed, where can you find a good installer??

Solar panels on your roof

Suppose you would like solar panels on the roof of your house. Then it is a good idea to look into this first. Because you can go solar with your house?

Can the solar panels be installed on your roof? Will you install them yourself or will you hire someone to do it for you?? Enough to think about.

Can solar panels be installed on any day?

So before you start thinking about solar energy, you should first check whether your house can actually have solar panels. In the Netherlands, almost every house can have solar panels, unless you are the owner of the roof concerned.

The roof should not be too small

What is important is that the roof is not too small. Finally, there must be enough space around the panels. It is also important to find out how many solar panels you would like to have on your roof. How much solar energy do you need.

What is your approximate consumption?.

The location of the roof

But the position of the roof can also determine whether solar panels are beneficial. Of course it is often said that solar energy is best generated on south-facing roofs, and this is certainly true, but if your house has a west or east-facing roof, the panels can also do their job well. The slope of the roof also affects how much solar energy can be generated.

The steeper the roof, the less efficiency.

Take shadow into account

Something you often hear that prevents people from having solar panels installed is shade. If you have a large tree or building in front of your home, it can provide so much shade that there is no way to generate solar energy. Keep this in mind.

So it is important that before you have solar panels installed, you have a good look at the possibilities.

Where to find a good installer

You can install solar panels yourself, but this seems like a job you’d rather have an installer do. I’m certainly not afraid of heights, but I wouldn’t risk it myself. And this doesn’t have to stop you from going solar.

You can easily find all solar panel installers online. On this site you can search by province. I live in the province of Utrecht so I search for solar panels Utrecht and immediately see which installer is nearby.

Getting started with solar power

So, are you interested in solar panels. Check first whether your roof can actually generate solar energy and then look for an installer in your area!