Getting through the holidays without stress with these tips

Get through the holidays without stress with these tips

Getting through Christmas without stress. December is busy here, not only with Christmas, but also with birthdays. I’ve been overwhelmed by this but this year I’m going to do it differently. This year I will go into this month without any stress.

My tips in a row.

Getting through the holidays calmly

Do you get the jitters when you think of December?? Do you stress when you think of all the things you still have to do?? I do and that’s why I decided to write it all down this time.

Because although I’m a big fan of the Christmas period, love St. Nicholas and think December is a wonderful month, this time I want to do it without stress.

Christmas with the family and in-laws

It is early October when the question comes on the App, When do we celebrate Christmas. One day we go to my in-laws and one day we celebrate Christmas with my parents. With my parents it’s easy, we come one of the two days.

But with the in-laws, there are more people to consider. With the question ‘when’ also comes ‘who cooks what’. Then the stress starts already a bit.

And then it’s only October.

Making surprises for school

Today the boys are celebrating St. Nicholas at school. Surprises had to be made and I am always very strict about this. They start on time and I don’t want anything to be done at the last minute. Even the presents for tonight, when we celebrate St. Nicholas with my parents, my mother and I bought a few weeks ago. We made a weekend of it right away.

I simply do not like doing everything at the last minute.

Christmas meals

The Christmas feeling starts here at home, starting tomorrow. Then the Saint Nicholas things go back upstairs, the bags in the shed, the music goes on Christmas hits and a tree comes up. But with all these preparations also come a few birthdays, the Christmas dinners at school and the Christmas meal at the (in-law) family.

Without stress please

Because I am a stressful person, I plan a lot. Know that I love this time of year, I really do. Only I also know that if I want to actually enjoy it, I have to plan well.

For example, my husband and I already made the Christmas dinner that we are going to make-we are responsible for the main dish this year-in November. We celebrate Christmas with the in-laws and I am fine with making dishes during the holidays, but in my own familiar kitchen. So we tried out a recipe.

Something we can prepare at home and only have to heat up when we are at the in-laws’ house. It worked out fine and with a few minor adjustments it will definitely work on the day itself.

Christmas dinner at school and birthday

The week before Christmas here is always busy and the stress usually starts.. Busy with the eldest’s birthday and Christmas dinner at school. I have to make treats. Baking cakes and then making something twice for Christmas dinner. These days are always equally busy and if possible I try to have as little on my mind as possible. This to have everything ready on time.

To get through these days without stress I make lists so I don’t forget anything. And let’s face it I put that pressure on myself. My children are easy, they like all cakes and whatever I make for Christmas dinner at school, I always get a big ten from them.

Even though I think, it is not really spectacular or so.

Some more tips

  • Do you celebrate Christmas with presents? Start buying gifts early.
  • Also if you order online, think of gifts, but also your groceries, do this in time. The delivery services are so busy these days and you do want everything to arrive on time.
  • Make the Christmas menu once in advance to practice and so you know how long you’re going to take.
  • Or don’t set the bar too high. Christmas day was hard, Christmas day a soup is very tasty.
  • Make a script ( can also be done in your head) regarding Christmas dinner. What needs to be set up when?
  • Buy perishable products in advance, so you won’t have to do so much shopping at the end and won’t miss anything.
  • Are you doing a big Christmas dinner at home, make sure you make things that can be prepared in advance, then you don’t have to spend the whole time in the kitchen.
  • Or ask everyone to make something for dinner.
  • Store with a list
  • Ask for help if needed, you don’t have to do it all yourself.
  • Get moving. Not just to walk off all those Christmas sweets, but also to get a fresh head before the guests arrive.
  • But above all IT IS NO MUST. Christmas and the holidays are nice, let it be so. Don’t get too busy and enjoy yourself.

Are you a stress chicken around the holidays? Or are you relaxed about it?