How to choose the right table and chairs for the garden

This is how to choose a suitable table and chairs for the garden

The weather is nice and you have visitors, nothing like sitting in the garden together. But to move chairs from inside to outside you don’t always feel like it either. Take it easy and choose a cheerful garden set for the backyard.

Sitting outside in the garden

Sitting in the garden with family or friends, super cozy. If you have a birthday or party and the sun is out, it’s great to sit in the garden and light the barbecue. But where to put everyone?

Do you have enough chairs for visitors and where can they put their glasses??

How to choose the right garden set

How to choose a garden set that suits your garden? Often we tend to think too big. I also like to see myself sitting at a big table like a big happy Italian family, cozy with wine and pasta.

But as much as I would like to, it doesn’t fit in my garden. The first thing to think about is the size of the table and chairs.

The shape and color

But also the shape of the table is something to look at. Does a rectangular table fit in your garden? Or is a square table easier?

Also look carefully at the chairs. I love fixed chairs (the ones you can’t fold), but they don’t fit in the garden we have. Or I should opt for 4 fixed chairs and folding chairs.

Great for when visitors come and later they are against the fence.

The material of the table and chairs

Also keep in mind that not all chairs can stay outside all year round. If you have no place to store them inside, choose chairs with plastic wickerwork. After all, these can stay outside all year round. If you prefer a reclining chair, look for an adjustable garden chair.

Of course you also have a lot of choice in terms of color. I myself go quickly for black, but a cheerful light color is of course also super nice in the garden. There are so many choices in shape, color and material.

It is not a bad idea to look into this if you want a new garden set.