How to make the best cup of coffee tips

Here's how to make the tastiest cup of coffee tips

I really need coffee to wake up in the morning and ’s a cappuccino is always good in the evening. But I always buy the same coffee beans. But why??

Why won't I change my taste like I do with tea??

A nice cup of coffee

A real coffee drinker I do not call myself, for that I like tea too much, but every morning my day starts with two espresso’s and in the evening two more cappuccino’s. Always from a bean machine and what that is I am spoiled because I can appreciate a good cup of coffee these days.

Varying coffee flavors

Strange really, every day I drink different tea. I have a cupboard full of loose tea in different flavors. But my coffee beans are always the same. I actually never thought about there being other flavors of coffee as well.

Still, there are of course many different tastes. Through Bonomi coffee I got to know a different taste of coffee and now I really notice the difference.

A cup of coffee full of love

Bonomi Koffie Nederland was born out of love for good coffee. From this passion and entrepreneurship they want to introduce the whole country to the smooth taste of this premium coffee. I was allowed to choose a bag of beans and chose the Bonomi Blu 1kg – 100% Arabica.

The bag of beans was delivered quickly and then we could taste it.

When we opened the bag we immediately smelled a delicious coffee scent. When grinding the coffee you can hear that the beans are harder, you can really hear the beans cracking. Maybe this is why the taste of the coffee is so strong.

My cup of coffee tastes so good that I now ’t drink a cappuccino in the evening because I think it's a shame to add milk to this rich taste.




Tips: how to make good coffee

I'm used to turning on the machine in the morning and waiting for my cup of coffee to be ready. Others fill the coffee machine with water and let the coffee simmer or use coffee pads. Tasty.

Yet you can make your cup of coffee even tastier. How? Here are a few tips: