Zuiderzien in the Zuiderzee Museum

Zuiderzien in the Zuiderzee Museum

Again this year there was an outdoor show at the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen: ‘Zuiderzien’. Peeping unashamedly at the Zuiderzee neighbors. Unfortunately, they had to close the doors for the time being, but I definitely wanted to share our experiences here.

Zuiderzien in an atmospherically lit outdoor museum

Last Saturday we were allowed to stroll through the atmospherically lit Outdoor Museum. We walked past 25 special locations and discovered unusual objects and their surprising stories behind the windows. Wonderful to finally have a peek at your Zuiderzee neighbors.

What beautiful images and stories

After last year’s Zuiderzee Light, this show was wonderful again. Upon entering we were given a map, a hand warmer and a storm lamp (you could order this lamp together with your online tickets). Past the entrance, you were immediately surprised by the many lights and sparkles.

Walking at your own leisure

Between 16.00 and 21.00 o’clock you could walk through the picturesque streets in the outdoor museum on your own, see the highlighted objects and listen to the accompanying stories.

Peeping at the neighbors

We started at the bone of the mammoth, which is immediately an impressive start. Walked into a candy store where you could buy real old Dutch candy and discovered at café Hindeloopen how after closing time the animals on the beautiful pottery tiles on the wall came to life.

Listening to the fascinating stories

In several houses you could look inside. At others you could also walk inside and everywhere you could listen to stories. These were told very interestingly, so you liked to stand and listen.

Pause for a moment at the listening benches

You could walk through the outdoor museum at your own pace, walking your own routes and standing still, watching and listening. Very nice were also the benches where you can sit on which a story was told.

Search for Marretje the seagull

Children were able to search for Marretje the seagull, a familiar face to children who often visit the Zuiderzee Museum and have a chance to win great prizes.

All information

Zuiderzien would be on view this Christmas vacation. However, due to the lockdown, this outdoor show was also stopped. I hope for the museum but also for you that maybe this show can come back next year, because it really deserves it. It was so fascinating, beautiful and impressive.

The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen is always worth a visit, both the indoor and outdoor museum, so a tip for when we may go out again. Check the site for all information, openings and ticket information