Worrying about the future

Worrying about the future

Wednesday afternoon, I read the newspaper with the latest news about the attacks in Paris. I have a feeling. A sense of sadness, fear, uncertainty and worry. What kind of world should our children grow up in??

Can they go out later without worries, to a concert or out to dinner with friends?? Are we not safe anywhere anymore? Or should I not worry about this at all and just hope that my children do not have to go through something like this??

At first I did not want to write anything about the attacks in Paris. But after I read an article by Tischa Neve I had to say it anyway. Tischa Neve is a child psychologist and gave tips in various media on how to discuss the attacks with children. Children pick up more than you think and can still get questions about this. I read the article in the AD and it gave me a chill.

In the article Tischa Neve indicated what you can answer about the attacks. What she emphasized here is that you should not go into too much detail with young children, as long as they do not ask about it, this only makes the situation scarier. And that gave me goose bumps. I for one think I worry because I want to know all the details and read everything.

On social media, for example, I saw a status of someone announcing to bury his head in the sand from now on. Whether that is the right response to the situation I doubt but I can imagine it very well. The more I read, see and know, the more I worry about the future. Whereas before I could sometimes worry about how my children would do at school, I now worry about whether my children will be able to go to a concert, eat out or go out at all carefree.

Around me I hear people getting a bit nervous because they have to take the subway to work. Would these worries just get worse or is there a chance that the threat will diminish? I try not to think about it too much because then I’m afraid I can keep on going.

In the meantime, I re-read Tischa Neve’s tips on RTL and keep an eye on whether my oldest is getting anything from the situation after Paris. At least this way I’ll be prepared, should the need arise.

Let us all hope that the future for our children is brighter than I think now.

Do you worry? What do or do not you tell your children?

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5 Comments on Worrying about the future


I wrote a piece about it anyway. It keeps me so busy. Want to absorb all the info but at the same time feel it is draining me..

Fortunately, the fear is also receding a bit into the background. But it’s still scary. My motto remains: grab every moment together with both hands and enjoy it!


Yes, I worry, but what Japke says; when your time comes you will go anyway. I do notice that I think about it a lot. And hope (and pray) that our children do not have to grow up in war violence.
I have not talked about it with the oldest (3 years old). He did not get it and already has enough of the “normal” toddler fears. But difficult it is, and I notice in myself that I am actually “waiting” for the moment something like this happens in our little country.


Well indeed, toddlers already have ‘fears’ enough. He hasn’t had any of it with us yet either and I hope to keep it that way for a bit. It is indeed waiting for it to happen here.



Yes, of course I worry too. I think my children do not worry so much. They just go on with everything they do and when we as parents express our concerns, they look at us as if to say, why are you so concerned?
How likely is it that certain events will affect us personally? For example, I was at the hairdresser’s just now. There in the back of the store yesterday a large window was blown out by the wind. The ladies in the store talked about how lucky they were because no one was in the back of the store at the time.

Glass breakage could have had disastrous consequences. But luckily nothing happened. Only some material damage.
What I want to say: When your time comes, you go. Saying that to me once helped me get over my fear of flying. So yes, I worry, but try to get over it every time by living more in the ‘now’…


Living in the ‘now’ is indeed good advice. There might be a chance of something like that happening to us but the chance of being run over by a car might be greater.
What a fright when a window jumps in the wind.

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