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Buying sunshades: what to look for?

The nice weather lately, makes us spend more time in the garden. And if you’re still looking for sunshades for your garden, know what to look out for when buying an umbrella.

Good garden furniture and good shading

Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time in the backyard. Not always because we wanted this so badly, but because it was actually the place where we could still go outside. But with the nice weather we’ve been having lately, I really enjoy sitting in the garden and am happy with our garden furniture. What we do need to buy is a new parasol.

After all, good sun protection is important, because the sun can be very bright even now. And a good protection against the sun is what our garden still lacks

Paying attention to your garden

It is so nice when you have a place near your house where you can sit outside. Our backyard is such a nice place. We have a nice seat, good garden furniture, and enough plants in the garden. All that remains is a good sunshade.

But before you buy an umbrella, it is good to know what different types of sunshades there are and what fits your garden.

Think about what kind of parasol you want

Before buying an umbrella, think about what kind of sun protection you want in the garden. So you can choose garden parasols, wall parasols, floating parasols or hospitality parasols. A wall parasol or floating parasol is easy if the garden is already full of garden furniture.

The pole is located at the edge or outside of the parasol cloth, making it easy to place furniture under the cloth. Moreover, the parasol can be rotated and tilted in many directions, so you can always shield the sun precisely and create as much shade as possible. The center pole parasol is the well-known, traditional parasol.

This parasol is available in many designs. In this, you can choose a large hospitality parasol or a lightweight beach parasol.

what to look out for when buying an umbrella?

What else should you pay attention to when buying sun protection??

  • Look carefully at what kind of frame you want for the parasol. Aluminum is solid, light and durable. You can easily change the position of the parasol. Aluminum is weather resistant and requires very little maintenance.
  • You can also choose wood. This gives a slightly warmer, rustic look. the disadvantage of wood is that it is a lot heavier than aluminum and needs to be treated more often.
  • Look at the material of the cloth of the parasol. Polyester is fine, but can discolor over time. Acrylic cloth is very flexible and often water and dirt repellent.
  • Take care of a solid parasol base.
  • Choose a protective cover so the awning stays neat and good too.

Buying a durable parasol

Do you want to buy a durable parasol? Quality comes first at Solero. This is a condition that allows them to stand out on this level. Sustainable developments and environmental awareness are an integral part of the company’s philosophy. This is reflected in the choice of materials, corrosion resistance and, of course, the colorfastness of the cloths used.

Ease of handling is also an important factor: more and more attention is being paid to that. A parasol can be as big and beautiful as it is, if you can’t open it quickly and easily, that’s a reason to abandon it.

A sunny summer in your own garden

So if you are looking for a parasol for your garden, first take a good look at the possibilities, what fits well in your garden, get informed and enjoy a sunny summer in your own garden!