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Silver shampoo for gray hair, does it work?

Silver shampoo would work well with gray hair. Is this so and what shampoo should you use for best results? Read what my findings are on these shampoo’s and whether the yellowish goo actually disappeared from my hair.

The first gray hairs

I got my first gray hairs at a very young age and while at the beginning I was still fanatically pulling them out, I soon started coloring it in. Often with henna or a color shampoo. At one point the gray actually broke through pretty quickly and that was when I decided to get my hair cut short and let the color grow out of it.

I went back to my own hair color and that a gray hair came with it, so be it.

The hairdresser gave me tips

My short coup was cut and even though I later went back to long, the gray hairs remained and grew more and more. Time to start taking good care of these with a silver shampoo against gray hair. Finally I had read that there is shampoo for grey hair.

Silver shampoo

At Kruidvat I went looking for silver shampoo and thought I would find the shampoo at the more expensive brands, but did not find it. I did find silver shampoo from Kruidvat’s own brand. I decided to take this one and try it.

What did I think of this shampoo:

  • The smell is different from ‘regular shampoo, but not gross or weird. Just takes some getting used to.
  • The shampoo foams reasonably well.
  • The shampoo is good to massage into the hair
  • In between, you can also use your own shampoo
  • For best results, leave the shampoo in for a while
  • Good for 15-20 washes
  • After using it a few times I see results, including more gray hair lighting up.
  • The lure is already less yellowish.
  • The bottle costs €2.49

Trying more brands

When I was at the hairdresser’s again recently, she asked if she would wash it with silver shampoo. I said I do this myself with a cheap brand of shampoo. She advised me to first see how my hair would react if I bought a more expensive brand. I wanted to try this and bought a bottle of shampoo against gray hair from Schwarzkopf . How did this work:

  • You need little shampoo per wash.
  • The shampoo lathers well.
  • This makes it easy to massage into the hair.
  • There is a mild scent to it.
  • Good for 15+ washes.
  • You have to let it sink in for a while.
  • The results are very obvious after just a few washes.
  • On advice I use it every wash.
  • The bottle costs €7.95

Update: Shampoobar

Meanwhile time goes by and I stopped washing my hair with shampoo from a bottle, purely for environmental reasons, because we use a lot of plastic at home. These days I wash my gray hair with a shampoo bar and consciously choose the shampoo bar ‘Lavender’ because this bar also works as a silver shampoo. I am also very satisfied with this soap.

My gray hair no longer turns yellow, but remains gray.

Are you curious and would you like to try the silver shampoo yourself?? Click here for products


Now what is the best shampoo for gray hair? I have no clear answer to that. The conclusion of washing my hair with the silver shampoo from Schwarzkopf, the Kruidvat or a bar is that it all works well against that yellowish glow in my hair.