Ziaja fine cosmetics products at an affordable price

Ziaja, fine cosmetics at an affordable price

Cosmetics products, which are not tested on animals, but with palm oil from sustainable plantations, recyclable packaging, environmentally friendly production and mostly vega as well. This is about Ziaja. Fine cosmetics at an affordable price.

Feeling for the environment

People are increasingly concerned about the environment and the earth. After all, we would like to leave it tidy for our children and grandchildren. We separate our waste, cycle instead of taking the car and eat vegetarian more often.

Also, sustainable products are increasingly popular and you’re talking about clothes, shoes or cosmetics.

Ziaja cosmetics

Ziaja cosmetics is originally a company from Poland, but its products are now for sale in 40 countries. The brand is ecological: no animal testing, palm oil from sustainable plantations, recyclable packaging, eco-friendly production and on top of that, almost all products are vega. The more than 1,000 products the company sells contain only animal-derived ingredients.

With ingredients like beeswax, lanolin, keratin from sheep’s wool and silk.

Ziaja products

More and more attention is being paid to cosmetics that are sustainable. Because I myself increasingly buy sustainable cosmetics I wanted to try these products. I chose Ziaja duo phase spray conditioner.

I use a shampoo bar to wash my hair. Ideal because you use much less plastic packaging. What I did miss was a conditioner. Because my hair grows so long and is quite full, it gets pretty tangled after washing. I use the Ziaja duo phase spray conditioner cashmere with amaranth oil.

This conditioner nourishes the hair. Hydrates and protects against dehydration. It reduces the roughness of your hair, makes it smooth and gives shine.

It also facilitates combing and shaping, which was my main concern.

Good for the hair

Advantage is to use the conditioner after showering on dry or towel dry hair. This avoids having to stand under the shower and that is good for the water usage at home. After you put the spray on the hair, comb your hair and you will notice that this is super easy.

It is effective and convenient to use thanks to the spray button and has a pleasant smell.

cosmetics body lotion hand cream sustainable natural ziaja

The Cashmere cosmetics line of Ziaja

At Ziaja you have different lines of cosmetic products, think Aloe Vera, avocado. baby and child or cocoa butter. The products I am trying out are from the Cashmere line. The smell of all three products are the same and it is a lovely scent.

Soft, sultry, a little rose-like.

Body lotion and hand cream

The Bodylotion reduces roughness, soothes, moisturizes and firms the epidermis. The lotion is less thick and spreads well on the skin. The body lotion comes in a convenient package with pump. With the pump you can dose very well and never have too much lotion at once.

The hand cream moisturizes, soothes dry and chapped skin and restores skin elasticity and smoothness. It strengthens the nails. The hand cream is a bit firmer and fuller than the body lotion and absorbs quickly.

Your hands are not greasy after use.

Very pleased

Ziaja is a new brand for me, but one I am very excited about. I am very satisfied with the various cosmetics products, not only because they do what they say, but especially because they are not tested on animals, environmentally friendly and recyclable. The products are affordable.

Curious? Be sure to take a look at Ziaja