This is how to create a country bathroom

How to create a country bathroom

Want to bring a country atmosphere into your home? And in this case specifically in the bathroom? It can!

Of course, it depends a bit on the look of your current bathroom how much that requires, but in this blog you will find three tips for a country bathroom!

The tiles

If you want to give your bathroom a rustic look, it can be quite difficult if your current bathroom has a modern, shiny tile now. Of course, you can do a lot with accessories, but you will see that the shine is difficult to combine with the countryside. So consider changing those tiles if you really want to go for a rustic look.
Fortunately, matte tiles often do the trick. Preferably you already have small tiles/stones or larger tiles with a country pattern. Or of course no tiles but just a wall, possibly in combination with wood.

The latter is of course perfect for a country bathroom.

The toilet cabinet

The toilet cabinet is a piece of furniture that can greatly determine the look of your bathroom, so if you want a country bathroom the choice of type of toilet cabinet is definitely an important one. Wood and concrete are the materials that go well with a country bathroom. A robust bathroom cabinet with classic faucet is perfect for a country bathroom.

Especially natural materials and light colors give the right feeling. If you prefer not to use real wood in your bathroom, a wood look is of course an ideal solution.
Finally, it is important not to make the finishing touches too tight; rural can be a little less tight, for the traditional feel.

Rustic accessories

To complete your country bathroom, of course you go wild with good country accessories. The great thing about accessories is that you can always change things up to keep innovating. Accessories that go perfectly with a country look are: